Saturday, November 1, 2014


About a year ago, my daughter and I found a fun jelly roll of Moda Sassy fabric at our favorite store, Cotton Shop on a great clearance price!  I quickly drew up a pattern and planned a quilt to make.  
Problem was, clearance fabric is hard to find.  Finally a few months later I found the perfect fabrics at a long forgotten store (the mending shed) not far from my home.  They were just what I wanted from this Sassy line for the binding, border and backing. 

To make this quilt I needed:
1 Jellyroll
4 yards backing fabric (pink)
1 1/4 yrd border fabric (green stripe)
1/2 yrd binding fabric (blue)
Cream fabric for sashing and inner border

My first step was to stitch 2 jelly roll strips together, repeat this until you have 20: 2 strip sets.  Next, cut each of these strips into 4 1/2" squares.

Each strip will make 9 squares and so after cutting the 20 strips, you should have 180 squares.

Now we put the blocks together!  We will want to make 16: 3x3 blocks and 6: 3x2 blocks

Chain stitching really comes in handy putting these blocks together, it will save lots of time and keep your blocks organized.
If you keep them in order and get your rows together correctly (as pictured above) you can just fold one row over another to sew the rows together.

 When you get these all sewn together, iron, starch & square up the blocks to be 12 1/2" 

Because of the way the quilt flows, we will sew our blocks together in columns.  Next sash top and bottom of block with cream fabric.

Sew them together into long strips.  I have 5: 3x3 blocks in one column strip (Make 2 of these) and then 1: 3x2, 1: 3x3, 1: 3x2, 1: 3x3, 1: 3x2 & 1: 3x3 for the other column strip (make two of these)

Hope you are enjoying this, I will continue on with this quilt in the next few days.  Check back soon :)

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