Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 2

It's Day 2 of my Cleaning Out the UFO challenge.  I

  For Christmas I am making my older two daughters quilts for their new rooms  (they will be moving into during Christmas break).  In prior posts I showed an Alyssa quilt, you can find the tutorial starting here.  The true reason for me making that quilt was a trial to see how the real twin sized quilt for my daughter Alyssa would work out.  She picked this 'Beautiful' fabric, made by Riley Blake, out last summer while we were driving through the Midwest on our family vacation and just happening to come upon the Missouri quilt company store.  Of coarse, I had to make the family stop and the rest is history.

Today I added the white to all 80 of these blocks, ironed the white down and trimmed them to perfect squares.

My older daughter also  got her braces on today and so I spent a whole 2 hours at the orthodontist wishing I had my sewing machine with me!

She is just starting 4H again after making this quilt last year.  This year she will be making the Piece of Cake 3 quilt , by thimble blossoms.

Here is some of the fun fabric she has picked out to make this quilt, it's the new Cotton&Steel line by RJR fabric.  If you haven't seen it, you need to its gorgeous!


Ann said...

Trimming is the worst part isn't it? I definitely love those C+S fabrics she picked. I have my own stash sitting patiently to be made into a quilt for myself (when I finally have time to make something for myself that is - probably January!)

Wendi said...

Thanks, I wish I had the patience to get her to wait until January :)

Kelsey Boes said...

Love those Cotton + Steel fabrics she picked out. She has great taste! :)