Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I have so many projects going right now!

I've just started working on these blocks and have 4 made so far.  They are with a quilt along hosted by Molli Sparkles it's his MSBHQAL.  It's fun and I really love the laid back look of this Robert Kaufmann fabric.

Besides these blocks I am 3 months behind on my BOM kit so today my project is making these blocks before our Saturday meet up. 

Besides all this craziness and being a mom to 4 little keiki, I am also learning to use my walking foot and doing stripes on this quilt you have seen me slowly puttin together.

I'll link this all up to Freshly Pieced !  Have a great Wednesday!  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Another step finished!

Now it's ready to quilt.  I have never machine quilted a quilt before, everything I have done has been hand quilted on huge frames.  Well except for a quilt as you go and I don't really count that.  So last night I didn't know how long it would take to baste this quilt, it's only a lap size quilt, but it took almost two hours.

It isn't finished, but the next step is finished!  I have another fun green Moda print for the binding and I can't wait to finish it completely.  I still don't know what to do with this quilt.  Maybe I'll sell it, but I'm not sure yet.

I'm linking this to Kelly at Needle and Thread Thursday. 

Today I'll be finishing the top of another WIP and basting it so that next week I can get them both quilted.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Works in Progress

When I ran across this Glamping by Moda fabric in my Cotton Shop store last month I knew that this was a fabric for me. As a mother of four daughters I really love the "girly" fabrics out there.  This was purchased in mind for my 3 year old.

It is a basic four patch pattern that is lap quilt size.  It may be a little to big to replace my 3 year olds, drag everywhere, blankie, but we can always hope it that it works :)

For the past 7 years I have been on the DT for Storytellers scrapbooking club.  Yesterday I received the email I had known was coming for a long time, they sold the company and their kits are finished.

It's a very sad day.  I've been getting their scrapbook kits for 9 years.  Their discussion boards have been a big part of my life for that long.   On different occasions, I have met multiple women from the discussion boards.  Together we have talked through so many excitements to trials in life, that they are almost like family.  I hope we can stay in touch, but truthfully I know that it won't be easy.  

I guess I have been feeling like the company owners Jeff and Leslie did, scrapbooking has had a time and place and that it is ending.  They sold the company and I turned my creativity to quilting.  Hopefully I will still scrapbook my childrens childhoods because we all know how I have so many scrapbooking supplies.  

Last night I had to create this page just to use some more of one of their kits.  The pages were so easy and so fun to put together.  Bye!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Rag Quilt!

I can happily say that this week I finished a project!  In prior posts I have posted about the quilts I am making for my nephew and niece.  My nephews' quilt is now finished and ready for him to pick up!

He is attending college at BYU this fall as a new freshman, so what could be better than a navy blue quilt?  I even was able to add a few BYU squares. 

Truly I don't count this as quilting as it was a quilt as you go quilt.  Each block has an X sewn through it before the blocks are put together.  I posted the easy directions for this rag quilt a few weeks ago.

My favorite part of rag quilts is the back, they are so smooth to cuddle up in.  The back of this quilt does have a pattern, but I kept it very easy.  

Check out other Friday finishing with CrazyMomQuilting!  And Needle and Thread Thursday

I just wanted to show you all this beautiful quilt made by Cynthia, it has beautiful colors to match the beautiful pattern. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Crayon: Part 1

My dear daughter #2 decided that since I am making a Belle dress for her older sister, I needed to make her a costume also.  Thankfully her and her bestie decided that thy wanted to be crayons this year.  
After searching the computer, we decided on a duck tape costume.

We decided that because you tightly wrap the duck tape around your body to make the dress, we would wrap the older sister.  This way it wouldn't be so tight of a costume.  

First you wrap your body in a prewrap, we purchased this at Claire's boutique.

After the pre wrap, I wrapped one strip of duck tape around the top, one strip around the bottom and four strips vertically connecting the horizontal strips.

All that's left is spinning the duck tape around and around until their body is fully wrapped.

I then, carefully, cut the dress off of my daughter.  After doing this I reinforced all 4 sides with duck tape folded over them.

As you can see it doesn't lay flat with the normal curves of a body.  

Next I will:
1. Put Velcro all along the back, closing the back of the dress
2. Create the shoulders
3. Decorate the crayon with black duck tape

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I'm continuing to work on the quilts I am making for my niece and nephew.  They should have been finished two weeks ago but they are not quite there yet. 

 My nephews quilt:

As you can see it almost finished just a few more cuts.

My nieces quilt still needs three borders added around the main quilt as well as all the quilting/binding:
Hopefully this Friday his quilt will be finished and next Friday I can complete hers!

I linked it up with WIP wednesday

Monday, September 9, 2013


Hailey wants to be Belle this year for Halloween.  While at Swiss days craft fair, we saw some beautiful Belle dresses but they were each around $150.  We're not going there for an 11 year olds dress.  Yet, she can't wear a kids dress, they're all to small. Even the Disney stores are to small.  So, to the rescue, I guess I'll be making the dress this year.

I started the process by looking at dresses and patterns.  I really didn't like the patterns at Joann's, just not Hailey enough.  We did purchase all the fabric, I think we'll be able to make it for about $55.  I did opt out of the cheaper costume satin, it's just to thin.  It was only a 1/3 of the price, but not worth the cheapness.

So this is the dress we are using as a guide

And here is another idea

I'll make sure to post what's happening with this dress soon!