Wednesday, January 27, 2016


A year ago I made 3 quilts in December, two were for my daughters Christmas gifts and one was for the BOM at the local Cotton Shop.  I regret to say that the BOM quilt is still not quilted, it hang on the wall in their shop for 12 months and the last few weeks I just haven't had the desire to finish an 'old forgotten' quilt.  Until then it may just have a spot on my shelf.

The other two quilts I blogged about a little but I never did show the finished products. DD1 (darling daughter #1) received a hopscotch quilt, it's prior post goes into the fabric and pattern choices.  She's also the daughter I did the geometric patterns painted on her wall.

Here is her finished wall:

And quilt:

Starting out with all the triangle was difficult, but the quilt came together quickly and in the end I really love the finished quilt.  It is definitely my favorite quilt that I have made.

You can see its back goes well with the pattern painted on the wall.  It's not often you get to choose the paint color, pattern, head board, and decorations in a bedroom, all around the quilt.  But the quilt pattern and fabric was my basis for her bedroom.  

DD2's quilt was a pattern that she chose and she also chose the fabric at the Missouri Quilt shop.  We were just driving through a small town while on vacation, and I could not pass up the opportunity to stop there.  Here is the ink  to the making her her quilt and the final product.  It fits her personality perfectly.

This is my nephew Brets quilt I made for his graduation last summer.  He's on a service mission for the next 16 months so I am holding it for him.  It is made with Modas Reel Time fabric.

I had a hard time choosing the quilting thead color.  I went with orange even though the back of the quilt is green.  I really like the visibility of the pattern, it stands out nicely but isn't to bold.

WIP: Allie's Quilt

This past week I was able to finish my VALENTINE/St. Patrick table runner, as well as begin 2 more of them.

I also finished making my arrows for a powwow quilt I am making for my neice Alli.  I make a quilt for each of my nieces and nephews for their high school graduation and this is her year!

For this quilt I selected AdornIt's fabric and kind of used the Pow Wow quilt pattern by cluck cluck sew.  I did alter the pattern for the purpose of not wasting so much fabric and ease.  Note: I used Quilt in a days flying geese ruler for that purpose.  It works great!

 The quilt will be 9 blocks by 13 blocks and si I needed a total of 117 arrow blocks, which I finished making last night. I also laid them out on the floor to get the pattern look I preferred.  There will be some of that Kona cotton Stone fabric between each row.

And today I only had a few minutes, but I was able to start sewing these crazy rows together.  I say chain stitching is the only was to go!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I am a spur of the moment type of person!  Today I decided, rather sporadically to make a Valentine's table runner with some Moda Table for Two fabric I've had for the last year.  When I started creating the pattern, I decided to make this a duo holiday runner.  At 5 pm this afternoon I was at the fabric store and now at 9:30 I have this made and am relaxing with my iPhone.

Here is a few steps:

This is the St Patrick's side, it will need a 1 1/2" border all the way around it.  I'm still not sure what color to use.

And my finished Valentine table runner top.  Hopefully I will finish this and have it quilted tomorrow morning!

Here is my finished project

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Starting NEW

Each year, when I have a niece or nephew graduate from high school I make them a quilt.  This year my niece Allie will be graduating and her quilt is going to need 234 of these flying geese!  I am using an AdornIt line of fabric and Kona cotton stone fabric as the background.  

I really wanted to use the quilt pattern pow wow by cluck cluck sew.  I love this quilt, but when making one in the past I had way to much wasted fabric.  So..... I drew up another plan (notice I still get use of my old stampin up design paper)

In this plan I will be using the quilt in a day flying geese block.

Stay tuned I will get a lot more made this week!