Thursday, September 12, 2013

Crayon: Part 1

My dear daughter #2 decided that since I am making a Belle dress for her older sister, I needed to make her a costume also.  Thankfully her and her bestie decided that thy wanted to be crayons this year.  
After searching the computer, we decided on a duck tape costume.

We decided that because you tightly wrap the duck tape around your body to make the dress, we would wrap the older sister.  This way it wouldn't be so tight of a costume.  

First you wrap your body in a prewrap, we purchased this at Claire's boutique.

After the pre wrap, I wrapped one strip of duck tape around the top, one strip around the bottom and four strips vertically connecting the horizontal strips.

All that's left is spinning the duck tape around and around until their body is fully wrapped.

I then, carefully, cut the dress off of my daughter.  After doing this I reinforced all 4 sides with duck tape folded over them.

As you can see it doesn't lay flat with the normal curves of a body.  

Next I will:
1. Put Velcro all along the back, closing the back of the dress
2. Create the shoulders
3. Decorate the crayon with black duck tape

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Connie said...

I love duct tape! And this is a great idea!! Can't wait to see it finished! Scrappy hugs, Connie