Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Works in Progress

When I ran across this Glamping by Moda fabric in my Cotton Shop store last month I knew that this was a fabric for me. As a mother of four daughters I really love the "girly" fabrics out there.  This was purchased in mind for my 3 year old.

It is a basic four patch pattern that is lap quilt size.  It may be a little to big to replace my 3 year olds, drag everywhere, blankie, but we can always hope it that it works :)

For the past 7 years I have been on the DT for Storytellers scrapbooking club.  Yesterday I received the email I had known was coming for a long time, they sold the company and their kits are finished.

It's a very sad day.  I've been getting their scrapbook kits for 9 years.  Their discussion boards have been a big part of my life for that long.   On different occasions, I have met multiple women from the discussion boards.  Together we have talked through so many excitements to trials in life, that they are almost like family.  I hope we can stay in touch, but truthfully I know that it won't be easy.  

I guess I have been feeling like the company owners Jeff and Leslie did, scrapbooking has had a time and place and that it is ending.  They sold the company and I turned my creativity to quilting.  Hopefully I will still scrapbook my childrens childhoods because we all know how I have so many scrapbooking supplies.  

Last night I had to create this page just to use some more of one of their kits.  The pages were so easy and so fun to put together.  Bye!

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