Friday, March 29, 2013

Never Enough Time

This week I was really suppose to get a lot done.  I finished teaching my 5th grade Math class last Friday so I had soooo much free time now on my hands.  Well, I guess I didn't get as much as I needed!  I did get:

  •  Brooke's birthday present crocheted and mailed to her, that was project #1
  • My denim quilt tied 
  • One quilt square finished and another almost there
  • My yard cleaned up for spring time
  • lots of crazy craft ideas from pinterest!
I really need to:
  • Bind my denim quilt
  • Matt & Kamelle's baby blanket finished
  • Finish the other block
  • Scrapbook another 5-10 layouts
I did promise John that through the month of April I will put all the crafty projects away (except my DT scrapbooking).  We'll see how that goes ;)

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