Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Quilt I wish

I am working on a quilt, but I never have time to WORK on it.  Instead it's this heap that needs ironed.

But, I can't iron it because I am doing a different patchwork, a patchwork on my wall:

It's a patchwork of tape that will be painted grey over this white for my daughters bedroom.  Here's the entire wall.

I've still got a lot of work to do and my hubby want me to hurry so he can paint it and move onto the ceilings.  So, gotta get to work!  

By the way that quilt I'm making will go in this room and the colors of paint were selected to match the quilt fabric.  
As was the paint for these picture frames for her walls.  There will be 9 picture frames and 2 jewelry cork board frames.  

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Sylvia said...

Oh wow, that's a neat idea! I bet this is going to look awesome after you paint it. Are you planning to cover the entire wall like this?

the momma said...

my goodness, that's going to look fabulous!! That must have taken a TON of time to get all that tape on the wall so perfectly.

Wendi said...

Thanks and yes I did get the whole wall covered, my hubby painted it tonight! Can't wait for this room prep to be finished and get my daughters rooms rotated :)