Friday, April 19, 2013

Quilt blocks

I sewed together 2 new blocks today. My daughter had her birthday party today with 21 girls! I also took her out for lunch to our favorite Brick Oven. Together, these took away lots of my sewing time. With all of this I managed to Cut, Sew and Create two blocks......really simple blocks!

Block one is called The Propeller: I think it turned out really well (it will look better when it is ironed)

Block two is Farmers Wife #81 Snowball block.  I will be redoing part of this block, the triangles just don't look right.  

I'm linking this up to Ellie with Craft, Sew and Create and giving thanks to her with her wonderful inspiration!

Here is my redo on the 2 edge blocks

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Ellie Roberts said...

The blocks look great Wendi! I have a few blocks I want to re-do as well, but I try not to dwell on them. I figure when I'm all done I'll see how they look. :)