Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Sampler

Today I am having some missionaries over for dinner and need a clean house. With a 3 year old and a 6 year old roaming the house continuously that's a problem.  I didn't know if I would be able to find time to make my blocks this morning, while keeping a clean house. It's almost 12 pm and my blocks are finished my bathrooms have been cleaned and all that's left is my dusting and mopping. Looks like I or more accomplished than I thought I would!

I chose simple blocks again this week just because I'm working in my skills and need to slowly progress in block difficulty. Ha ha, I learned I needed to do that the first week. Each of these blocks were really easy and it took a whole 45 minutes from start to finish (meaning set up, work, and clean up).

Farmers wife Block #2: Autumn Tints

Farmer's Wife Block #73 Rainbow Flower

I like the Rainbow Flower block much better than the Autumn tints block, but I think they both came together really good.  I like them both much better than I like last weeks creations.  

I want to thank Ellie from Craft, Sew & Create for helping inspire me with her beautiful colors!  She uses such bright, summery, colors.  My quilt is settling for the richer colors but I love the inspiration she gives me with her cheerful colors and patterns.  I'm now up to 8 blocks with a long way to go!

This coming week I will be working on another quilting project.  It involves lots of applique so we'll see how that goes.  My grandmother tried to teach me how to applique years ago just like a dear older lady in my neighborhood tried to teach my girls.  I didn't learn then and neither did they, but now is my time to finally learn how.  

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Sheri Salatin said...

Your blocks are beautiful!! I love your bright colors. :) Can't wait to see them all put together.

Great job on a clean house, guests for dinner AND quilt squares! You go, Mama!! :)