Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New quilt

Looking at quilts the last little while online has become a tad bit addictive. To say the least!!! I did find one that I really liked that had been on the American Patchwork and Quilting magazine cover, in Feb 2008. The name of his quilt is "Windy by the lake".

I checked our local library the see if the magazine was in stock, and of coarse it wasn't.  Next I tried to find the pattern online.  There weren't even any pictures of this quilt online, except for the quilt from the magazine cover and a small 4 block design of it made to show random color arrangements.  Not any help!  eBay did randomly have the pattern for sale, but not currently.  So, it was left for me to design.

Lets just say I love drawing and I love mathematics so drawing on grid paper is the best!!!  Here is a picture of my grid drawing:

I letter the blocks with color choices:
A- background
B- light Main color
C- Main color
D- medium Main color

Here is my coloring in I started to do to show how the quilt will be laid out.  It's taking a while to do this so it's incomplete as of now

This is another version of the quilt I don't really like, but it's a variety

So it's an idea, if it goes anywhere I'll post it on here.  I do love drawing blocks though and I have a few more quilt patterns in my head that I'll be creating soon.

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