Thursday, July 17, 2014

Missouri Star Quilt Company

You cannot believe my surprise while driving through the middle of Missouri in a very small town seeing the store, the Missouri Star Quilt Store.  Online, I love looking at their quilts, their youtube tutorials, and have even ordered supplies from here in the past.  Now, I thought to myself, can I really stop with my husband, whom I hate going in cloth stores with me, and my four daughters.    

We were just driving through Hamilton on our way from Hannibal to Kansas City with a few small detours to the north and south of Hamilton, but yes I did stop for only 5 minutes.  I would only stop if the other 5 members of my family would stay outside so that they would embass me so much trailing through the store like lost sheep.
 Here are some of my favorite quilts in the store.

It's made with fabric Heather Baileys free spirit line.

My 10 year old accompanies me and assisted in picking the fabric/pattern for the new quilt I will make her.  Here is the quilt

And here is her fabric choices

Riley Blake's, A Beautiful Thing, line.  

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