Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Last week, sewing projects started to fall apart.  I was doing really good in that I finished my 3 yer olds new blankie and I was really doing great on my first ever free arm quilted quilt.  Until Thursday!  I accidentally got my finger to close (to that unprotected darning foot) and had the needle go through the side of my pointer finger.  It was just a small wound, we'll actually two, where the needle went in and out.  It was a new needle and I had had a tetanus shot 5 years ago so I opted not to have it looked at by a Dr.  It looks good now and hasn't had any signs of infection.  
After this I stopped for the day, Thursday was out.  So Friday, I started chucking along on the machine quilting, when my machine just stopped!  I couldn't get the needle to move!  After a few nudges I finally got it up so I could remove the quilt and figure out the problem.  I cleaned the machine, but still nothing. 
My husband and my father each love to fix things so I thought to myself I can fix  this.  And I took the machine apart, all 13 screws.  This is what I found


I recleaned the machine and it would move but not smoothly.  I figured it was the needle casing from the tension it was getting so I oiled it and now, its working great!  My manual said not to oil your machine, it won't need it.  I think I use my machine a little more than normal the average person with this costco machine.  Someday I'll get me a new one, now it's just a dream.  
So here's my progress and what I'll be working on today:

Wish me luck!

I'll link this into freshly pieced 


Lucy said...

Well done, you for figuring out what was going wrong with your machine and then fixing it! I'm terrified to take my machine apart but it needs a good cleaning and servicing. And your FMQ is looking great!

Unknown said...

Brave of you to venture into the inner workings of your machine... sometimes it is necessary. Love the FMQ.

Dorian said...

Your quilt is looking good Wendi. Great job on getting it cleaned and oiled too ;) They really do need it more than we think they do. lol

Green said...

I clean my machine frequently. They do get fuzzy. Quilting is really lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie said...

WOW! I've had that luck before...just not the puncture wound from the needle. Unfortunately I wasn't as lucky as you to get my machine working again. It was a hardship but I did manage to buy another machine. A step up, and thankfully during September (Sewing Month) so it was on sale. Glad things got back to normal for you and you can quilt on!