Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fun quilt! has a really fun BOM program to make cute quilts.  When I saw their finished quilting knew I wanted to try this, but did I have time? Well I am a few months behind, but it is getting done.   Here is the basics of the layout, I had to change theirs a little to fit my ideas.  

Then I found this really fun Robert Kaufmann fabric line that I really loved and when adding a little bit of the random Riley Blake chevron prints, I love the look!

These are the 4 log cabin locks for the month of January.

And, here is the spring bloom block for February, I made 4 of these also.

I'm not sure what I need the quilt for, but I just had to start another project.  I only have 4 going right now and didn't have enough to do :)

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