Thursday, June 13, 2013

Friday Sampler

I haven't had time to work on my farmers wife blocks for almost a month.  Actually this is the first Friday I have been home in four weeks.  First, we were in Seattle, then Alaska, then Colorado and now finally this week we are home.  I will try to catch up, but right now it isn't happening.

Well my blocks for this week are block #6 and block #7  

Block #6, the Big Dipper, was a very quick and easy block to make, my only problem is I didn't pay much attention and use the templates.  So...  my block turned out 9" instead of 6".  That's alright though because I was going to change the sizes to make my quilt more like this one here by Starwood quilter, having a big variety of block sizes.

Block #7 took a little more time and I had to rip a couple of scenes, just to get all those points perfect.  Don't look to close I see two mistakes I didn't fix!  This bock took a total of 36 tiny triangle blocks (template 13).  Cutting them out wasn't fun but sewing them together was worse!

I am still doing these blocks with our weekly goals from Ellie

Hailey started her summer sewing camp this week.  They made the cutest pillow cases and water bottle holders. Can't wait to see their projects in the next couple of weeks. I signed her up because I took 4H at her age and it isn't offered around here.  This will help her, hopefully some day.  At home she is working on this 4 patch quilt.  The fabric is AdornIt and we both fell in love with it in the fabric store.  She would be working on it right now, if only she hadn't accidentally broken my needle a few hours ago.


Truthfully I have to many projects going on right now.    And, I have to many new ones I want to start in my head.  Please remember I am a scrapbooker even more than a quilter, well at least I was a few months ago.  
Here are just a few of my quilting projects:

My BOM block for our local quilt store:

A wall quilt I'm working on for our (I wish) almost finished basement bedroom wall:

This is the quilt for Alyssa room in the basement.  (Looks like I'm working on the quilt as quickly as John is working on the basement!)

And this is what I started in May to be my table runner.

This is a few projects I really want to start right now:

Pink Cabin Quilt

Green Toile Quilts - Brighton Toile Handmade Qulits By Williamburg Colllection.

Bright pinwheels and happy quilting. Love the two tone pinwheels.

pinwheels and flowers
by  Cutie Pinwheel

And these Pillows by Stitches and scissors are a definite inspiration!

Rainbow Pillow - detail by Darci - Stitches, via Flickr

Obsessed with stars by Darci - Stitches, via Flickr

Red Arrow Pillow - 221:365 by Darci - Stitches, via Flickr 

These two are shown by Jenni Baker

Nordika Half-Square Triangle Pillow by Jeni Baker

Pillow Talk Swap 7 - Finished by jenib320

But this is my favorite and it's made by Ellie

Craft Sew Create: Pillow Talk {Swap} 10 Finished!

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Ellie Roberts said...

Love your blocks, they are looking great! Green and purple is one of my favorite color combos. You have a lot of projects going on! I'll admit I do too. I finally figured out one day that I will NEVER be able to make all of the projects I want to. Kind of a sad realization, but really helps me to prioritize too. I also need to get my UFO's done before starting new ones! :)