Friday, August 29, 2014

Finished! Rail Fence Quilt

With my niece coming to college this week and her graduation gift from our family not quite finished, I have been quilting like crazy.  Last week I posted that I had just finished the quilt top, this week I finished everything!  I really hope that these colors and this style, fit her likings.

My good friend Lorna and some great coworkers/friends at the cotton shop helped me with my decision on how to quilt this beauty.  To blend the brown in a little, I quilted 1 1/4" stripes through the brown chevron.  The color of thread depended on the color of blocks.  As you can see above I had already quilted a yellow stripe but was currently quilting a green stripe.
 On the color blocks I quilted swirls with the darning foot. (I learned that I do not like using the round holed foot near as much as the open toed foot)

This rail fence quilt turned out to be a very easy design and I think the quilting was the perfect accent for this pattern.

Here is a picture of the back

 And a few more with my little one all bundled up

I have done something this week besides quilting.  Yesterday was my day to teach preschool and it went wonderfully.  I had to get a huge nail taken out of my tire and I also have done a little home decorating.  When we moved back from Kauai, my barstools got a little banged up.  So, for 3 years I have been going to recover them. Finally yesterday I took the plunge and did it!  Here they are, it matches the colors in my kitchen perfect.

Now today, I can't wait but I am going up to all the wonderful craft booths at Swiss Days, a local celebration that has the best craft fair., 


Heather Pregger said...

It's bright and beautiful -- nice quilt!

Shauna said...

The quilt is awesome, I love how the brown really makes the other colors pop!!!!

Gemini Jen NZ said...

Really gorgeous! Wonderful colours!

Wendi said...


Natalie Jones said...

What a great graduation present! A gorgeous quilt x

Andree G. Faubert said...

That is really lovely!